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The Wayward Wives Club Series

Three Women, three lives, three stories of courage, determination and love. Meet the women of the WWC Dude Ranch, where they cater to the woman's soul... and her heart.

Book 1

You Still Love Me

Will this time be never or forever?…
     Served with divorce papers on her 40th birthday, Jessica Montgomery finds her perfect life is not so perfect. Determined not to fall apart, she pulls herself up by her boot straps, packs her things and buys a ranch in Sedona, Arizona.

     Determined to help other women who have also suffered some of life’s travesties, she opens The WWC Dude Ranch for women and is extremely successful. Her ranch caters to the woman’s soul. Life is good until a series of accidents happen on the ranch, raising concerns that someone is out to cause trouble for Jessica and her beloved ranch. As if the mishaps on the ranch aren’t enough to deal with, her new life is shaken even more when she meets the new sheriff in town. He is none other than the man who broke her heart twenty years-ago when he chose the FBI over her. Torn between allowing him to help or closing down her ranch, Jessica is forced to let him back into her life. 
     Ethan Kirkpartick is thrilled with his new job as the Sheriff for Coconino County. After twenty years with the FBI, this job was the perfect alternative to a retirement that he was too young for. When some women in town bring the WWC Dude Ranch to his attention, he is shocked that they think the ranch is really a brothel. Determined to do right by his constituents, Ethan decides to pay the ranch a visit. Expecting to find a version of “The Chicken Ranch”, he is instead impressed by the magnificent place before him. But what really blows him away is when he meets the owner, his college fiancé’, the woman he left to join the FBI. Eager for a second chance, Ethan is determined to win back the one woman who never left his heart, a woman he knows still loves him.

Book 2

Horsin' Around

She rebuilt her life, can she rebuild her heart?...     

     Moving to Arizona with her best friend Jessica after a bitter divorce was step one for Laurie Evans. Step two was realizing her dream of opening Horsin’ Around Equestrian Physical Therapy. Now Step three is filling the empty space in her heart she didn’t know she had until young Danny and his dad came into her life.     

     After a tragic accident leaves Danny in a wheelchair, Laurie must help the boy heal his body and the relationship with his father who was driving the car when the accident happened. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself developing more than just a patient-therapist relationship with both Danny and his dad and finding herself in the middle of a nasty custody battle.      

     When Laurie discovers the truth about Danny’s condition it could cost her everything she holds dear when tragedy strikes twice. The past comes back to haunt them all.

     Can Laurie help Danny rebuild his life before it’s too late and in return, can Danny and his dad help her rebuild her heart?

Book 3

No More Lies

Can she find her way through the lies and ever trust what's in her heart again?...     

     Doctor Jamie Anderson's life was shattered when the plane her husband was flying crashed, killing him and their five year-old daughter. In an attempt to rebuild her life she moves to Arizona and forms a friendship with two extraordinary women. Flagstaff General seemed like the perfect place for Jamie Anderson to relocate and rebuild her life.  Escaping the haunting memories of a perfect life and devastating plane crash is the only way to bring sanity back to her world.

     Her new found family is helping her to heal her broken heart as she puts the past behind her, or so she thought. Life seems to be returning to normal until Derek Sinclair walks into her ER and her heart. Opening up her heart again is the most difficult thing she has ever done. Just when she believes she's finally on her way to finding happiness again, she finds lies. Jamie’s world is shattered when Derek relieves the real reason he is town.

     Derek isn't who she thought he was and he claims neither was her husband. She doesn't know what to believe between the lies, the truth and what’s in her heart.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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