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Regina Edwards Drumm

Romance Author

Contemporary and Historical Romances that join hearts and families


Romantic Suspense


The Wayward Wives Club Series


You Still Love Me

Book 1


Horsin' Around

Book 2


No More Lies

Book 3

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Money Can't Buy You Love

Fancy Pants


Book Reviews

A premier novel of love, loss, courage and redemption, Ms.Edwards-Drumm's first novel in her series "The Wayward Wives Club", "You Still Love Me" leaves this new fan breathless for more!

You still love me..haunting words..MS.Drumm captures the longing of love lost, the humor and courage of woman who makes the choice to change her life, and the man she long ago loved..and lost. Brought together again in an unexpected, and offbeat town, where romance, characters and mystery abound at The Wayward Wives Club..first time home run for Ms. Drumm.

Student of Love, Barnes & Noble Nook Review

I purchased "Horsin' Around" on my Nook when the book first came out. I finally had the chance to read the book and could not put it down. A few hours later "Horsin' Around" was completely read. This story is filled with inspiration, compassion, romance and a bit of suspense. Everything I needed for an evening curled up on the sofa.


Barnes & Noble Nook Review

"No More Lies" Great book. All three r great. Would make a great movie series

Amazon Customer, Amazon Paperback Review

Reading this latest book, "Money Can't Buy You Love" from Regina Drumm was a great weekend escape. I love her strong heroines and sensitive heros and the characters in this novel were no exception (trust me, Marshall gets more sensitive as time goes by). I would recommend as a great feel good romance.

Image by Anna Demianenko

GP2014 Amazon Customer,

Amazon Kindle Review

In The Press

Author BIO

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I call home on 15 acres in Upstate New York.  I share my life with my wonderful husband Bill (who often inspires my heroes), my two beautiful stepdaughters and their families, a couple of lovable beagles who are more like my children then dogs, and my mischievous horse, Lucy.  

     I grew up in Upstate New York and despite our winters, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, unless of course it was an island in the Caribbean. I grew up in a large family with wonderful parents, two sisters and two brothers. I am the baby of the family and I adore all my older siblings, even though they bossed me around when I was younger.  Now our family has grown even bigger with lots of nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. It is wonderful chaos when we all get together.

     I guess writing has always been in my blood. My mother is a good writer and taught me the importance of being able to write well. But I think the writing bug really came from my grandmother.  She loved to write poems and read Barbara Cartland.  She had quite a collection of her books. I would often sneak one to read.

     Then I remember exploring other romance novels as a teenager, passing around books and falling in love with the handsome heroes who always saved the day.  I think I fell in love with historical romances the most because it was another time and another place. 


     The heroes always road in on their white horses to rescue the damsel, though in distress, still strong.  These romances conjured up all sorts of visions of what love and romance were supposed to be about.  For a young woman, that set a pretty strong precedent for finding Mr. Right.

     Thank goodness, I did find my Mr. Right, a man I never expected to sweep me off my feet, but one who is truly my soulmate. It is very easy for me to conjure up my heroes because they each have a little of my husband in them. I am so lucky that he supports my endeavors and proudly tells everyone he’s my inspiration for my books.

     While my family is a huge supporter, I wouldn’t have pursued a writing career or chased my dreams if it wasn’t for my writing friends and all the wonderful writers with the Central New York Romance Writers. Thanks to this wonderful organization and the fabulous writers who make it up, I have learned so much about what it takes to be a successful writer.  There is so much that goes into writing a good book, not to mention learning what is going on in the market. It is more than telling a good story, it is perfecting a craft and carrying your readers into a different world. 

     Now after twenty years of working in the field of marketing and public relations, I am pursuing my other passion.  I still love the work that I do, but it feels glorious to be making my dreams come true.

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